Robin captures her daughter and their dog in the most amazing way

Before you were a mom your pet was probably your favorite thing to photograph. Now there is a little one your dog or cat had to give up his number one position. Photographer and (dog) mom Robin Brasil most likely had the same issue, but decided to make the most loving story of her two biggest loves: her daughter Raven and dog Jack.

The friendship between Raven and Jack is very special and started at day one. “The day I brought Raven home from the hospital, swaddled with a fresh, baby smell, Jack was instantly in love. Just as he had never once left my side during pregnancy, he continued to be wherever she was.” Robin told to Bored Panda. The idea of the ‘The story of Raven and Jack’ collection  was born when Jack was photobombing all the time when Robin tried to make a picture of Raven. After some frustration Robin decided to make a lovely story of the two of them and you can see the wonderful result below.

See more work of Robin at www.brazillart.com.



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