The Mom talks with: Chantal Bles

Chantal Bles is 31 years old and mom of one-year-old Jada Mylena Doornbos. Together with her family she partly lives in Amsterdam and partly in Monaco. This mom is always on the road; busy with her job and her little one, but finds it also very important to spend enough quality time with her partner Robert. We are wondering how she combines all of this and for that reason we asked her some questions about how she balances between motherhood and her busy working schedule. 

Describe yourself as a (new) mommy?
I think I’m very patient. I go along with the uninhibited fantasy world of my daughter, but I also try to teach Jada rules, although she is still very small. I notice that this is already necessary. Jada brings out the best in me!

What do you like the most about being a mother?
At one moment I thought that I was not going to experience motherhood. I am so blessed that I can witness this sweet, healthy and beautiful girl. Because of her development, I also grow as a mother and human being. I learn so much from her. Life through a child’s eyes is beautiful. Uninhibited. I learn to let go of stress and to enjoy life more. Caring and listening to the needs of Jada is the most beautiful thing!


What makes someone a good mother in your opinion?
Love is the most valuable thing you can give. Offer your child a listening ear and pay attention to her needs.

How have you survived the first six months as a mother? What was more easy than expected and what was more difficult?
The first three months were quite hard. I worked until the last week before giving birth and for that reason I was extra exhausted after a heavy delivery. Jada cried quite a lot in the beginning because she had a lot of cramps and stress of the birth (luckily we found the right osteopath). It wasn’t easy to immediately pick up my new life as a mother. Being the perfect mom, partner, business woman and keeping a household, give attention to your friends and family and look fabulous at the same time isn’t easy. For me it was quite a challenge. We didn’t have a lot of people visiting us in the beginning. I just wanted to be alone with Jada and Robert. Robert had to go to America nine days after Jada was born, which was quite heavy for both of us. Luckily I had great help from my parents and our babysitter Arlyn. This is really helpful with our busy schedules. She is a lot at home with Jada and they are best friends. When Jada had her little aches pulled away, we were able to start enjoying everything. I have so much love to give to this girl!

Who is your inspiration when it comes to parenting?
My own parents. They have taught me so much love and respect. If I am able to do half as good as they did, I am already very happy!


Which celebrity mother do you admire the most? And for which reason(s)?
Quinty Trustfull. We have been friends for 15 years and she is also a client of mine. She is a super mom to her kids and sexy wife to her husband. This combination is the most beautiful in my opinion. She will obliterate herself for her family, brings fun and love to her home and provides a steady base for her family. Besides that, she can also choose for herself when it comes to her business. This makes her even a nicer mom. I love to see that!

What did you wanted to know from other mothers before you got pregnant?
I wanted to know how to combine new life with your old life after your baby arrived. Now I know that you have to go with the flow. I also wanted to know if you were still able to have sex when you are pregnant? Now I know that a big belly didn’t cause any problems! I still have questions sometimes. Like what should Jada eat? What games are good for her development? I ask my cousin Nicolette a lot. She always has an answer to everything and is helping if needed. Our families are very close and the girls love to play with each other. We enjoy that so much.


How does your perfect day look like?
Waking up by Jada who is calling mommy from her bed. Have breakfast together, play on the ground, go for a long walk and afterwards go for a play date with her friends, while we are having a glass of wine with all the moms and dads. Then get on the couch with Robert or go out for dinner together while Jada is sleeping.

How do you make sure that you stay rested?
I don’t! I am chronically tired. Will that ever get better?! I try to get a massage every now and then, and I really enjoy going out for dinner with Robert. I love to spend some quality time together. We are trying to do that three times a month. Jada sleeps at my parents’ home when we are going out. In that way we don’t have to come home early to redeem the babysitter.


What is the ultimate me with my mini-me time?
Playing together in her endlessly fantasy world. Since she turned one she can play much better. She plays in her kitchen, feeds her dolls and we dance together. Her rabid moment on our bed before she has her bath in the evening is too cute! I could hug her all day!

How would your ultimate me-time look like?
A spa day is at the top my wish list since I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I still didn’t take time for that.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to have given a sibling to Jada by then. Furthermore, I hope that we will still be healthy and happy and that we will make more beautiful trips around the world together.


What is your number one tip for other mothers?
Go with the flow. Use tips from other mothers, but do not let other mothers (who think they know better) guide your intuition. Spend time with your partner. Go out for dinner at least two times a month and do not forget each other. This makes your baby happier as well!

Do you have any wishes for the future?
I wish that we may be healthy and happy with each other and our loved ones forever and that our children will grow up in a better and sweeter world.

Be the best version of yourself! ❤

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