The Mom Talks with: Renate Bonjasky


The Mom Talks with: Renate Bonjasky

Today The Mom talks with a very inspirational mom. Renate Goet was born and raised in The Netherlands and from the age of 18 she spread her wings and traveled around the world. From working on a cruise ship beautician to sales & marketing manager of MAC Cosmetics in Curacao. 2,5 years ago she met the love of her life Remy Bonjasky and 1 year ago they welcomed their daughter Skye. Nowadays she works as his manager and she runs their gym, Bonjasky Academy. Next to being a mommy of Skye she also has two beautiful ‘gift’ sons, Cassius and Dean.

© Lisette Lubbers

© Lisette Lubbers

How would you describe your own personal style?
My personal style definitely comes from the island, the Latin people love to dress up and that’s for sure my style as well. Tight dresses and high heels, that’s Renate. Even when running on the airports with a big belly you could see me like that.

Wat was your favorite maternity brand?
Actually during my pregnancy I still bought normal clothes, so I have no favorite maternity brand.

How would your friends describe you in 10 words?
Caring, creative, street smart, funny, sweet, honest, inspirational, perfectionist, perfect mom, good looking ( the last two were words from Remy. )

How did you experience your pregnancy?
My pregnancy was a bumpy road with ups and downs. I think I had all the symptoms you can have from being nauseas, till passing out on airports, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, I had pain in my belly mood swings, bleeding gym and I can continue, Remy still handled all of this with a smile.
But then these moments when the belly is moving and you feel your little girl inside of you, you forget everything what comes along and you are so in love.

What was your pregnancy craving?
Nothing particularly, I didn’t change my eating habits, tried to eat as healthy I could for the baby and myself.

Did you change your beauty regime since you became a mom?
As I am working from my 18th in cosmetics and I am a real beauty addict. I didn’t change my beauty regime at all. I love spending time for this.

© Lisette Lubbers

© Lisette Lubbers

Did you do any reading during your pregnancy? What is the best pregnancy book?
I only read on the internet about how you should feel during the pregnancy months and what symptoms come along. Everything else I just let it come and overwhelm me.

Can you describe the interior of the room of your Kid(s) in terms of style and theme? Are there any specific brands you used to decorate?
Skye her room is very modern, white with a pink touch, as I love to be that girly girl. Black and white pictures of her and the family are on the wall and you can see white bears all over.

Top 3 destinations to shop for your kid(s)
Copenhagen, Denmark – As I traveled often to this city, I always came back with baby clothes. I really like the style of the Nordic countries; so then the next one is Oslo in Norway, such a nice place for shopping.
And last but not least Paris, France – Also one of my destinations for my little fashonista.

Your favorite restaurant and what to order there?
Izakaya in Amsterdam, I actually love everything there.

Your favorite drink
I think my latte macchiato is my signature drink, especially when I was traveling that often and I had a 7am flight then I couldn’t live without this.

The best baby gift you got?
The Stokke crib, this little crib is the perfect first crib of your baby. It’s easy to place everywhere, so I could keep our baby really close next to me, in her own little crib. We got this beautiful gift from my parents.

What’s on your wishlist for your kid(s)?
That they have a happy and healthy life and enjoy life to the max. That they get to explore the world and learn about new cultures. And that they have lot’s of love from their family and friends around them.
The top 3 websites you visit on a daily basis
The website of our gym, and Remy his website www.remybonjasky , I changed these website but every day I am rechecking them to see if we can improve them.
And of course the website of Zara.

© Jeroen Oosterveld

© Jeroen Oosterveld

The top 3 Instagram accounts you follow.
MAC Cosmetics
Anna Nooshin
The Mom

What is your guilty pleasure?
Online shopping is my guilty pleasure. And of course chocolate while watching E entertainment.

Which fashion mom you look at for inspiration?
Winonah de Jong, I love her style.
Janine Breukhoven, A hard working very passionate fashion mom.
Victoria Beckham, this fashion mom who started her empire.

What inspires you most in life and where do you find creativity?
My partner inspires me, to work so hard for becoming an athlete is an amazing inspiration. To have full dedication to focus on one goal, I love this determination from him. To start from the bottom and make your own empire, that’s top sport. On this moment we are working in our own gym and starting a fashion brand around Remy, named BNJSKY.
People around me who are also so determined to make their dreams work inspire me as well.
My creativity is always there, I get inspired by a simple street image, some flowers, a beautiful sky, cultures and countries.
As I am also a make up artist I love to work with colors and that’s why I love to drawn. My creativity gets even more inspired as I listen to music. I could sit on the kitchen table with music on and draw the whole night. (Unfortunately on this moment I don’t have the time to do this, maybe I need to work on this for 2018. )

What keeps you relaxed in stressful times? Describe your ultimate Me-time moment.
My Me-time moment is for sure my time to workout. Just one focus and don’t think of anything else.

© Jeroen Oosterveld

© Jeroen Oosterveld

How do you stay healthy? Are there any beauty and lifestyle tips you would like to share?
I drink lots of water and try to eat as healthy as possible, I always make home cooked meals with healthy ingredients for the whole family.
Working out for at least 3 times a week is important.
Start kickboxing, this is a total body work out, with a high cardio level and it’s fun.

Which mom would you like to introduce for the next Prêt à pregnant talks with and why?
My friend Arzu Aksoy, also a fashion mom who is working on her own projects. We’ve been pregnant together and we have baby dates, it is good to share baby and mommy tips & tricks together.

And last but not least…… Share the best tip for other mommies.
Try to eat as normal as you can during your pregnancy, don’t listen to people saying that you need to eat for two, just focus on yourself and how you and the baby feel.
Keep exercising during your pregnancy as long as you can.
Stay focused on your own goals and dreams, as a mommy you also need to stay yourself and have your own career, goals and dreams.

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