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Mommy Hailey from Australia was a stay at home mom for five years, until recently, she decided to return to her work as a Social Worker. Her family is going through some big changes, however she wanted to show her girls that moms can be powerful too. She has 2 beautiful daughters, an amazing husband. And she is a true animal lover, at home she has got 1 dog, a cat, 4 chickens, a duck and a bunny rabbit. Read how she manages motherhood, and if she raises the girls as vegetarians.

What is something you’ve learned from motherhood?

Its not easy but it is so worth it. You may lose yourself just a little on the way, through all the vomit and nappy changes and endless rocking to sleep but who you become at the other end is someone you never knew existed. Someone stronger, wise, selfless, determined, you become a mother. I have also learnt that time goes so fast before you know it they are at school. Enjoy the mundane, enjoy ever second moment, soak it up mummas you cannot get this time back.

Do you see a lot of resemblance between your two girls Lidiana & Allegra?

No they are so different, like not similar at all haha.

They have gorgeous and unique names! How did you come up with their names? Did you and your hubby agree on the names easily?

Firstly, thank you! Hubby is Italian, and I just fell in love with Italian names and yeah we agreed really easily on our girl names. As for boy names, we still can’t agree so I guess its lucky we wont be having any more kiddies.

What are some of the most essential things you need as a mom of two girls?

Space haha, my girls are total girly girls. They love shoes, bags and makeup! No, in reality I don’t think I need anything different to that of a mum with boys or one of each. Love is all kids really need.

What is the most difficult about raising two girls?

I want to raise strong, determined young women. Who don’t feel that being a girl is any less than being a boy. I want them to grow up thinking the saying “like a girl” is a good thing.

What is the most fun about raising two girls?

Everything, children make you happy. They test you too don’t get me wrong, but they make life fun. The little things mean more. You learn to stop and smell the flowers.

Do you raise your children as vegetarians?

It was never the plan too. We always said they could eat meat if they wanted. They have tried most meats and hate them. However, if they are out and want to we always give them the option. They usually just spit it out.

What is your favourite vegetarian recipe that your kids love too? 

Everyone in our home loves a good homemade vegetarian pizza. 

Did your eating habits change during your pregnancy?

All the lollies and chocolate I could fit in my mouth with both pregnancies.  

What is your favourite hotspot to visit with the kids?

The beach, its been a long winter and I can not wait to get back there.

What are your favorite books to read with them?

We adore Sippy and Sonny by unclebearskins

How do you relax whenever you have some me-time?

Hahaha not sure I know what me time is, but when I can I love a good nap.

And last but not least… what is your tip for other mommies?

Enjoy absolutely every second. It goes too fast.

Want to see more of this lovely family? Check out the Instagram of Hailey @our.happy.mess

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