The Mom Talks with.. D'Arne Young

Today we talk with D’Arne, she is a mom of 3 kids- 2 girls and a boy.  They are currently living in Western Australia.  And D’Arne is registered mental health nurse though she hasn’t  been working for the last year as they have been travelling! She has worked unofficially BTS with small businesses and their social media marketing for the last 4 years and a few months ago she decided to brand what she does. She now has her own business called ‘Organic Social Solutions’.  Which is going better than she had anticipated! Today she tells us all about live with three kids, and combing her career with motherhood.

You are a mom of three kids! A full house, how do you manage this?
Life is busy! I love routine and order but I am learning that sometimes I just need to go with the flow! We have a saying in our house “I choose happy”. We try and remind each other of this whenever things get stressful.
How do you combine your career with motherhood?
Working as a mental health nurse and doing shift work was tough. It felt like my hubby and I were just passing each other by and there was so much juggling babysitters and working around having only one car.  When I was on night shifts I was just so tired all of the time! I didn’t feel like I was giving my family my best self! I also started getting a lot of anxiety with the stress and dangers of where I was working.  I was really lucky when I started to have small business seek out my services. I had worked with Yorke Lee prints (one of my best friends businesses) behind the scenes for about 2 years  and started to get more clients. I was very fortunate with the way things fell together and I was able to start my own business and work from home! I work while the older kids are at school. I love the flexibility with working from home and having my own business.  It works so much better for all of us and the best part is I am there when my kids wake up, to take them to school, I am there to pick them up from school and I am home to tuck them into bed at night. This time when they are young goes so quickly, it was really important for me to be able to be as present as possible and enjoy every moment.
What is something you’ve learned from motherhood?
One thing I have learnt since becoming a mum is that things almost never go to plan! I think that it’s important to be flexible and be able to make the best of every situation! I have also learnt that kids tend the mirror the vibes of the parents. I try to be calm and easy going (not always easy!).  A quote I once heard and love is “kids don’t want a perfect mum, they want a happy mum.” I try and remind myself of that often.
What are your favorite clothing brands for the kids? 
I find shopping for the girls so much easier than for my son! For the girls I love Yoli & Otis, Daughter co, Coco and Ginger and Louise Misha. For my boy I can’t go past Children of the Tribe, Minti and Munster.
What is your favorite destination for a family holiday?
We love anywhere warm, tropical and close to the beach. Last year we did a trip to French Polynesia. It was a very special trip with lots of wonderful memories! We have another holiday coming up next month to Bali, Indonesia. We also really love weekends away camping near the beach!
Back to school season is about to start.. how do you prepare?
Generally the usual things like haircuts, new shoes and bags. I always feel a little sad when school goes back because I love the flexibility and slow mornings that school holidays bring so the week before school starts back we try and get back into early to bed and early wake up routine.
Do you and your hubby ever get the chance for a date night? If yes, what is your favorite hotspot to visit for date night?
We rarely have date nights- like maybe once or twice a year! We have never really lived near family and we don’t like asking people to watch our kids.  One thing we have been trying to do each week is have a night where we just hang out together once the kids are in bed. It’s ususlly super simple and we take turns each week choosing what we do. We always listen to a marriage strengthening talk and discuss how we think it relates to us and talk about what we could be doing better. Last week was my turn so we did face masks and a little pamper session! It was so simple but just nice to have that undistracted time together. If we do get to go out we generally go and have a nice slow dinner together (a very different experience to when we go out for dinner with the kids!).  When we get the chance and a little more time, we love doing active things like rock climbing or hiking.

How do you relax whenever you have some me-time?
I love to exercise or faff about the house. Sounds boring! But I love going to the gym. I also love organising and tidying things at home. I find these two things have a huge impact on my mental health. I also love a bit of a Netflix binge once the kids are in bed!

What is the most fun about raising three kids?
It always blows my mind that I made them! I love watching them learn, grow and interact with each other.  My heart is always so full and I am never short of cuddles or “I love you’s”. They make everything exciting and fun.  I especially love watching them grow into their own little person with their own big personalities.


What are your favorite things to do with the kids? Any places you love visiting with them?
We love being outdoors. The beach is our happy place. We love all of nature’s playgrounds. We also love hiking and fishing.


And last but not least… what is your tip for other mommies?
Look after yourself too! We can lose ourselves in caring for our babies. Taking that time for yourself helps you to be able to give your best self to your children.  Don’t compare yourself to other mums and families. Focus on what’s in front of you and not on what everyone else has or is doing. Remember to be grateful. There are challenging times with parenthood, focusing on your blessings helps to gain perspective. Aaaand last but not least- be happy! Find joy even in the mundane and always look for the good (even if it can be super hard to find!).

Want to see more of this lovely family? Check out the Instagram of D’Arne @Chasingthewonder_

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