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On this lovely Sunday it’s time for a Q&A with mom of three Angela. This power lady decided to sell her webshop debabyboetiek.com to focus on her kids and to start her own vlog. You can have a peak into her life every Thursday on her YouTube channel. She also works as PR & Communication manager at the company of her soon to be husband Tijmen. Together with Tijmen and their three kids -Dj (8), Liz (4) Zoe(3)- Angela lives in Monickendam.

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How would you describe your own personal style?
I think I don’t have one style. It depends on the mood I wake up with.. 😛 I’d like to mix & match basic items with really outspoken shoes, jackets or prints.

Wat was your favorite maternity brand?
Of course H&M or asos.com and sometimes Zara. I mostly wore my own jeans during the pregnancy, I simply put a hair tie between the button of my jeans. 😉

How would your friends describe you in 10 words?
Oh oh.. haha! I asked one of my best friends and she said: funny – super mommy – loyal – ambitious – crazy – busy bee – supportive – social – spontaneous – sweet –

How did you experience your pregnancies?
I have been pregnant three times, and it was very easy! Just like giving birth. I think my body is made for pregnancies and giving birth.. The first time I gave birth in 3 hours, the second time it only took 2 hours & the third time as well, all three in my own house 🙂 but three kids is enough.. hihi.

What was your pregnancy craving?
Definitely cracottes with cheese spread!

Did you change your beauty regime since you became a mom?
I don’t think my beauty regime has really changed. Except the makeup brands I use.

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Did you do any reading during your pregnancy? What is the best pregnancy book?
Not really a book. I was more of the online sites for mommies, of course Prêt à Pregnant 😉 and magazines like Kek Mama, Fabulous Mama etc

Can you describe the interior of the room of your Kid(s) in terms of style and theme? Are there any specific brands you used to decorate?
Dj’s room is white & blue/grey, with furniture from Bopita. For Liz we used lots of pink. Zoe has got a bit more of a classic room, with beige/white striped wallpaper. And they all got lots of toys in their room.

Top 3 destinations to shop for your kid(s)
Zara, Mango & Vingino

Your favorite restaurant and what to order there?
A-Fusion Sushi & grill at Volendam. I always order the Rock & Roll sushi roll, yum!

Your favorite drink
Sauvignon blanc wine or Moët ice in a glass

The best baby gift you got?
Bugaboo Donkey duo

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What’s on your wishlist for your kids?
A bigggg storage box for in the living room that also matches with my interior.

The top 3 websites you visit on a daily basis
Facebook- Instagram- Youtube.

The top 3 Instagram accounts you follow.
Nikkie Tutorials- Alesiaasta – Kimzolciakbiermann (for an overdose American-Mommy glam)

What is your guilty pleasure?
Oops.. Music from Lil Kleine .. haha.

Which fashion mom you look at for inspiration?
I like the style of Maria Tailor.

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What inspires you most in life and where do you find creativity?
Happiness & health. Creativity?… when I can’t sleep I’m thinking about new plans & ideas and write everything in my notebook which is always on my night cabinet.

What keeps you relaxed in stressful times? Describe your ultimate Me-time moment.
When my home & wardrobe are cleaned up.. unfortunately with kids it is impossible.. But the ultimate me-time is going to a spa and relax for a day!

How do you stay healthy? Are there any beauty and lifestyle tips you would like to share?
I think it is very important to clean your face every night and use a good day/night cream. In the morning I always splash my face with cold water. And I can’t life without my highlighter from Bobbi Brown – Pink Glow

Which mom would you like to introduce for the next Prêt à pregnant talks with and why?
One of my best friends Monique Smit!

And last but not least…… Share the best tip for other mommies.
Plan a date night with your hubby every week or month!

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