Q&A Rebecca Boektje: 'I have 2 Yuki days and these days I only spent with her'

Meet Rebecca Boektje! This 34 year old mom lives in Amsterdam together with the love of her life Bo and their one year old daughter Yuki. Besides acting and writing Rebecca loves to travel and shares al her tips and hotspots on her blog www.mytravelboektje.com.


How would you describe your own personal style?
I don’t really have a specific style. One day I can look super preppy and the other day I look like a tom boy, a skater girl or a homeless person. (I have numerous chill outfits I can live in and when my mom sees me like that she is always like “omg what are you wearing”)

As a busy mom how do you combine motherhood with your career?
Sometimes it’s really hard because you never have a second of rest. You’re flying from appointment to appointment and it askes a lot of planning and great time management. But I have 2 Yuki days and I try to really spend these days only with her and for her. So no work stuff (only when she sleeps) and only fun stuff. Those days we go to the park, the zoo, the playground, feed the ducks and play with her toys.

 Which fashion mom you look at for inspiration?
I think Janine is a very good inspiration. She always looks at her best even when she takes the kids to school (these are the moments I look like a homeless person) and she is busy 24/7. And last but not least my dear friend Noor (Queen of jetlags). I really respect her how she combines work and baby Olivia and always looks stunning.


What is the best part about being a mom?
Everything. She is my world. You can take everything away from me, as long as she is with me I’m the happiest person on earth.

What inspires you most in life and where do you find creativity?
I find loads of inspiration during our trips abroad, but also in the simple things. When I’m at the park with Yuki, just looking at her, reacting on things. Or daily things in life. I can get an amazing idea when I’m in line waiting in the supermarket. But also Instagram and Pinterest are huge sources of inspiration.

Are there any fun (childhood) traditions that you share with your daughter?
Well I think I’m pretty strict sometimes. I always had to eat a healthy sandwich first and I’m doing the same to yuki. First something healthy on your sandwich and after that she can choose for herself. Also the tradition of reading a book together before she goes to bed is something we do very often.


What keeps you relaxed in stressful times? Describe your ultimate Me-time moment.
I didn’t find anything yet to be honest… I try to go to yoga 2 times a week “to relax” but that is secretly also something I HAVE to do from myself so that doesn’t really feels relaxing… it sometimes feels more as a punishment 😉 but afterwards I do feel great! HONESTLY

How do you stay healthy? Are there any beauty and lifestyle tips you would like to share?
I suffer from severe bad hairdays since I have Yuki. I had loads of baby hair on my hairline, than they broke off (yes I had spikes…) and now its growing back and I look like a clown everyday. But thank god we have the hair bands of ateliers des femmes they make me survive real bad hairdays hahaha.


What is your favorite holiday destination so far with your daughter?
We’ve just been to Formentera and that was pretty perfect. The most gorgeous beaches, amazing cool restaurants and everything was super child friendly. It was a great combination of kids holiday and trendy getaway. You know what I mean?

And what is your dream destination for a family holiday?
I would love to go to Thailand with her… Three weeks of exploring, eating, playing on the beach and in the sea. Next year I hope we will be going there.

Did travelling change since you became a mom?
Well it is less relaxed. You have to think of a lot more and you have to take a lot more but I think that’s it. And at the end, it’s more in your head. Because everything you need you can (most of the time) buy abroad as well..  The only thing I do think about more is the hotel we book. When she goes to bed at 8 its really nice to have a long dinner with each other in the hotel so I always make sure our hotel has more or at least 1 super good restaurant.


A decade ago would you have pictured your life as it is now?
Well I wished. But that it was this fun and I was this happy I would have never dreamt!

What advice would you give working moms who struggle with stress, a busy job, and family, career and time for yourself?
Breathe in. Breathe out. Look at your child, what does he or she really needs? don’t force anything. Don’t do stuff you don’t want to do or really need to do (like appointments with people you don’t really care about) and think about that the only way your child is gonna be oke and happy is when you are too. Make sure you get enough sleep and food (this really makes me kranky) and try not to force stuff. Think about what’s really important and then decide what you do have to do and what your letting go.

Which mom would you like to introduce for the next The Mom talks with and why?
That would be Rachel, we’ve been pregnant together and working a lot together and now we work less but have more playdates with our mini’s. This is a fun aspect of how relationships can change in a super positive way. And it’s soooo nice to have someone who totally understands in what kind of situation you are.




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