The Mom talks with: Natascha Parsser

Natascha Pinto-Parsser is 29 years old and mommy of two beautiful boys; five-year-old Joshua and Jonathan, who is almost two. Natascha combines motherhood with her job as an event planner for many different clients and thats why we want to know how she experiences motherhood and what kind of tips and tricks she got for other mommies.

Describe yourself as a (new) mommy?

My kids are the most important thing in my life. If they are happy, I am happy. I think I’m a quite relaxed mom. It can be stressful sometimes to combine my work with the kids and a social life, but in my opinion there is a solution for every problem.

What do you like the most about being a mother?

The love that I receive from my sons each day is indescribable. I love to see my sons grow up and develop their own personalities. 

What makes someone a good mother in your opinion?

I think you are a good mother when you teach your children to have respect for others and teach them the values of life. I want to protect my kids for everything during the rest of their lives of course, but as they grow older, they have to become more independent and survive in the big world. My work is also very important to me. It gives me so much energy when I produce an event and the result becomes what I had in mind. It feels like I can conquer the whole world.


How have you survived the first six months as a mother? What was easier than expected and what was more difficult?

Every cliché is true. Your life is turned upside down when your baby is born. I had to get used to our new life of course, but having a baby is so special. I was lucky to have two easy labours so the first months were not hard at all. It is an experience that I can recommend to everyone.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to parenting?

My own parents. If I look at the relation between me, my brothers and my sister, then I hope that my kids will have the same kind of relationship with each other. Our youth was without worries and we had so much fun together. I am proud of the way that my parents raised us, with many respect and so much love.

Which celebrity mother do you admire the most? And for which reason(s)?

I don’t really admire a celebrity mother, but I do admire mothers who raise their kids all by themselves in general.


What did you wanted to know from other mothers before you got pregnant?

It’s always nice to talk to other mothers about their experiences. At that time, I wanted to know what you need in the first months, but also how it feels to be pregnant or to give birth. Nowadays I still talk a lot to with my friends about our kids. We help each other and give each other advice if needed.

How does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day is a day together with my family; having breakfast together, go outside and play with the boys. They love ball plays or riding on the bicycle. After that, I love to have lunch somewhere in the city and have a relaxed evening at home or together with friends.

How do you make sure that you stay rested?

I don’t go to bed early usually. My evening starts when the kids are sleeping. I work, visit my friends or watch a movie together with my husband. Luckily I don’t need too much sleep. Whenever I went to a party in the weekend my husband gets up early so I can stay in bed a little longer. I am doing the same when he went to bed late.


What is the ultimate me with my mini-me time?

Sometimes I love to do something fun with just one of my kids alone. Especially Joshua, my oldest son, really enjoys this one-on-one time. We are going to the movies or play outside together. Meeting friends and their kids for a play- or Zoo date is also much fun.

How would your ultimate me-time look like?

Going out with friends. In my opinion it’s important to have a social life, besides being a mommy. I love to go out for dinner together with my husband or friends.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope that we live in our dream house and that we live our life the way we do now. Maybe we will have the opportunity to expand our family by then. I love the combination between my kids and my working life. I hope that I will still produce unforgettable events and experiences for my clients by then.


What is your number one tip for other mothers?

Be relaxed and listen to your heart. It might sound cheezy but at the end this is the best way to make decisions.

Do you have any wishes for the future?

I hope that my kids will grow up healthy and happy. I wish that they will have a life without worries. Furthermore, I wish to produce more amazing events and experiences.

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