PHOTO REPORT: Pre #Pretarally family lunch

Let the party begin! Today we officially kicked off the #Pretarally 2014. All #Pretarally moms gathered with their kids at the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam for a family lunch. A special moment, because last year we ended the #Pretarally at Blue Spoon with a family dinner. After the official welcome word by Monod and Kho we had a lovely lunch and drinks. The kids had fun afternoon in the special kids corner hosted by the sweet ladies of Guest. Take a look at the photo report of the kick-off of #Pretarally 2014.

What a big surprise! For the very first time MINI introduced the new MINI Cooper S 5 -doors  at the #Pretarally lunch!

While the moms gathered the kids enjoyed themselves in the meeting room.

So proud of the first #Pretarally 2014 group picture in front of the Andaz hotel with the new MINI 5-doors Cooper S.

This brings back memories! One year ago we finished the #Pretarally in Blue Spoon Restaurant with a family dinner. Today we had family lunch with the kids. What a perfect Sunday with all the moms.

Beautiful model mom Marvy Rieder with Santo, Cara Schiffeler’s son.

The sweet girls of Guest had so much fun with the kids.

Team L’Officiel! Gorgeous moms Paulijn, Leontien and Mariska.

After dinner they made teams and all got a color! Pretty Hazjar, baby Adam, Susanne, Saar and Suzanne.

Team taupe with Masha, Renee, Sahrissa and Marvy

The pretty blond girls of L’Officiel and Cartier!

Team gold with stunning Winonah and Cara!

Pink ladies Merel, Anna, Melanie and Emilie are ready for the #Pretarally

So sweet! Anne-Claire Petit made this ‘Grabbelton’ for the kids.

Always fun and a big mess! Presents of Anne-Claire Petit for the kids.

The sweet girls of Guest did an amazing job and the kids enjoyed themselves.

With my sweet friend and celebrity stylist Pascalle.

Sweet <3

Lovely Melanie and Lucas.

The kick-off of Monod & Kho! So proud of my partner Mosanne!!!

Gorgeous model mom Marvy Rieder of team taupe with Philou in her Joolz stroller.

Pink and green with stunning Winonah in Givenchy!

So much fun with these lovely ladies! Here we are with Susanne, Pascalle, Tamara, Hazjar and Muriel.

Notary Abby keeps an eye on social media on her high heels!

Fauve, daughter of Leontien is ready to go home!

We are looking forward to the #Pretarally!!!!

Big kiss


Janine & Mosanne

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