Anna Liss

Anna Liss was born & raised in the Old South of Amsterdam. She had a different upbringing then most of her classmates. Back in the day her spiritual mom grew her own wheatgrass, made her own nettle tea and they actually had a cold pressed Norwalk slowjuicer the size of scooter in the kitchen. Now she would have been a lot more accepted. But then she was just the little weird girl with ‘green monster juice’ and buckwheat pancakes in her backpack intead of a ballony sandwhich and carton of milk.

She studied fashion at the AMFI. During her education she also interned and worked at Anna Sui Inc. In NYC when she was just 21. At 25 she hosted her own fashion fair in the Amsterdam RAI. When she became a mom at 27 she started to focus on the more spiritual side of life and went back to her roots. She started writing about her holistic lifestyle. Integrating her love for healthy food in the upbringing of her kids.

She is a strong believer of living a balanced life instead of being all dogmatic about it. She loves, chocolate, wine, art, healthy food, spirituality, vintage items, interior decorating, travelling, writing, pilates and last but not least fashion which goes beyond the materialistic side of things. “Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and a form of art.”

In her vlog you can see how she combines living a conscious life with her three kids while enjoying an organic hamburger or surviving a hangover every once in a while.