How to get bikini proof in no-time


How to get bikini proof in no-time

Happy weekend! It’s been very hot the past week and it seems that these temperatures are going to last for a while. Have you planned a vacation abroad or are you celebrating your vacation at home with the kids? It doesn’t matter which option you have planned, the bikini will have to appear pretty soon again. Aren’t you ready yet? Read on! These tips will help you to get back in shape!

  1. Drink enough water! We cannot say it often enough, but water ensures that you stay hydrated and that substances are disposed easily.
  2. Make sure you have a goal in mind. For example, those one pair of pants that fitted easily before your pregnancy, but no longer close. It will make it much more fun to work towards a goal.
  3. Stop eating candy. Not forever of course. But, if you want to lose some weight you have to stop eating candy on regular base. You may reward yourself occasionally if the kilos are off, but take care that those kilos will stay off.
  4. Eat at least two pieces of fruit a day. Fruit is sweet and contains, in many cases, lots of moisture. Because of the sweetness, you will have less need to eat sugars.
  5. Do not drink soda. You can, for example, drink sparkling water with a fruit flavour if you are really in need of something sweet. In this way it’s feels like you are drinking a glass of soda, but you won’t get any unnecessary sugars in.
  6. Do not drink too many fruit juices. Those are containing a lot of vitamins, but also lots of sugars. Choose a juice with vegetables instead. In this way, it’s much more filling.
  7. Eat smaller portions. This ensures that you can just eat whatever you like (as long as it contains healthy ingredients of course!), but that you won’t overeat yourself. Saves a lot of calories!
  8. Eat stuff that fills. You do not have to eat less, but try to eat things that are good for your health. For example, whole wheat crackers, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and other whole foods.
  9. Move for at least 30 minutes each day. There is no need to go to the gym every day, but, for example, get your groceries on the bike. In this way you will move more often which is good for your metabolism.
  10. Remember that it does not always have to go well. There are always days that aren’t going the way that you would like them to go, but as long as you continue and make it a lifestyle, those few days are not bad at all!
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