10 apps that will make your summer vacation a success


10 apps that will make your summer vacation a success

The summer holiday has almost started. You might have planned a trip to a sunny destination or a nice get a way in your own country. You have done your research on what family activities there are available, you know what the weather is going to be like, you might have already made a list for packing, and you have purchased enough sunscreen for a whole month. You are almost ready! We have a handy addition to you list: with these apps your family vacation is going to be even better. From apps that find the nearest toilet to an app that tells you when to use sunscreen. These are 10 apps that will make your summer vacation a success.

Ultraviolet UV Index
This app shows the UV index for your location. Blue and green means you can easily go out and enjoy the sun, while red and purple means that the UV index is very high. You get sun safety tips such as when it is time to put on a hat, apply sunscreen, or just avoid going outside. Available for iOS.

Samsung VR
Although summer holidays are all about sunny weather, good food, and being outside as much as you can, sometimes you just want to get some rest and cuddle up on the sofa or beach bed to enjoy some videos. Samsung launched the VR Live Pass, which gives you access to live entertainment wherever you are located. Stand front row at music festivals and sport events, or step into Batman’s world! You can find more information here.

Toilet Finder
We all know the scenario where you just arrived at the town you wanted to explore, after a long trip by car, and the children need to go to a bathroom. Now. With this app you can find the toilet that’s closest to you. Available for iOS.


Disney Animated
There are several moment during the summer holiday where your children are tired or whining, and the only option to distract them is with your phone. This app lets them make their own 3D animations and shows how their favorite Disney movies are brought into life. Available for iOS.

360 Panorama
Make memories! Taking photos is one thing, but this app lets you make panoramas of your summer destination, so you can still enjoy the memories when you are back home. Available for iOS.

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