A decade after the launch of the beloved Regenerating Serum and inspired by breakthrough discoveries, La Mer introduces the new Regenerating Serum, a timely advancement that supports skin’s natural metabolic energy to help fuel its visible renewal. The Regenerating Serum helps promote its natural production of collagen for younger, smoother looking skin. The complexion has a regenerated, more youthful look.


Regeneration and the natural metabolic process of fermentation has always been at the heart of La Mer. Inspired by the sea and the extraordinary power of marine plants, La Mer founder Dr. Max Huber focused on the most profoundly self-regenerative plant he could find, Macrocystis Pyrifera – or Giant Sea Kelp -, which can grow a meter or more in a single day. With a vision of transforming this incredible self-regenerating marine plant power, Huber harnessed the power of fermentation to transform this sea kelp and other pure ingredients using light and sound energies to create the legendary Miracle Broth™– a super potent elixir infused with energizing and soothing anti-irritant powers.


Inflammation caused by external stressors such as UV rays and free radicals can result in the destruction of collagen and elastin, triggering the formation of lines and wrinkles. Research shows that long-term, chronic inflammation is a root cause of premature skin aging. The latest research also confirms that fighting inflammation is critical to helping prevent signs of aging by preserving existing collagen and elastin.

Provoked by environmental aggressors like pollution, UV rays, or climate, skin can look and feel overly sensitized. The extraordinary soothing and protective properties of The Regenerating Serum calm and balance fragile skin, reducing the look of redness and irritation, and helping to prevent future visible damage.

This new delivery system technology harnesses high energy to create a highly effective, rich formula that “cradles” the activity then perfectly disperses across skin’s surface to penetrate deeply and evenly, creating a seamless texture for a smooth finish.

The Regenerating Serum will be available from September 2019 via all La Mer points of sale and www.lamer.eu. The Regenerating Serum retails for € 300,- for 30ml.


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