The best party proof outfits for New Year's Eve

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The best party proof outfits for New Year's Eve

Sanne van Gestel is a freelance stylist in the Netherlands. She combines her passion for interior, kids and fashion and she enjoys advising our readers. She recently gave birth to her first child a little baby boy named Mason. For the Mom she created a concept called Fashion meets kids interior styled by Sanne van Gestel and for Prêt à Pregnant she gives styling advice. She loves to inspire and dare our readers to do things slightly different in their own way and always seeks for perfection.

Are you ready for New Years Eve?
We will help you to get inspiration for different looks, from standing outside with a beautiful coat on, till the best dresses to dance in.
NYE Party Special by Sanne van Gestel The Mom (3)
Put on your red dancing shoes girls.
Jaelyyn: coat, sweater and pants Zara. Red coat mother H&M.
Red is the colour to wear this season. Put a heavy knit on, beautiful coat and you are ready to see the fireworks outside.
Party-Proof-Outfits-NYE-Sanne-van-Gestel-The-Mom1. Satin dress €24,99 H&M 2. Hairpiece €3,99 H&M 3. Red dress €238 Chloe by Alex and Alexa 4. T-shirt €31 Diesel 5. Bowtie €4,99 H&M 6. Knitted sweater €14,99 H&M

NYE Party Special by Sanne van Gestel The Mom (6)
The tulle princess. Dress by Zara.
What do you want to be when you grow up? I think a lot of girls answer; A princess. Every girl wants to have a tulle dress and that’s why we picked some of the most beautiful ones. Is there also a bigger size for the moms? We want to match!

Party-Proof-Outfits-NYE-Sanne-van-Gestel-The-Mom-Tulle-Dresses1. Blue tulle dress €35,99 Mango 2. Black tulle dress with applications €115 Kate Mack via Alex and Alexa 3. Blue tulle and velvet dress €19,99 H&M

NYE Party Special by Sanne van Gestel The Mom (5)

The right coat for a marvellous evening. Coat, beanie, pants and shoes Zara. Are you ready for the fireworks? Let your little man sparkle in the lights of the fireworks.

Party-Proof-Outfits-NYE-Sanne-van-Gestel-The-Mom-coats-for-boys1. Duffle coat €65,99 Mango 2. Grey coat with zipper €67 River Island  3. The best party proof outfits for New Years Eve

NYE Party Special by Sanne van Gestel The Mom (7)
Dance the night away babies. All clothing by Zara.
A little suit for the boys and sparkled dresses for the girls. That’s the golden combination. How cute is this couple?

Party-Proof-Outfits-NYE-Sanne-van-Gestel-The-Mom-tuxedo1. Blazer €45,00 Mango 2. Shirt with bowtie €17,99 H&M 3. Trousers €27,99 Mango

Party-Proof-Outfits-NYE-Sanne-van-Gestel-The-Mom-sequinned-dresses1. Gold sequinned dress €218,50 Little Marc Jacobs by Childrensalon 2. Black sequined velvet dress €71,30 Romano Princess by Childrensalon 3. Golden sequined dress €29,99 H&M

NYE Party Special by Sanne van Gestel The Mom (1)
Say yes to the velvet universe. Shirt and bomber jacket Zara. I just love velvet for boys. It’s looks so cute and the fabric is super soft. Besides that velvet is also a huge trend this season. Boys can match with their dad.
1. Green velvet blazer €34,99 H&M 2. Black velvet slipper €265 Dolce & Gabbana 3. Velvet blazer €410 Ralph Lauren
NYE Party Special by Sanne van Gestel The Mom (4)
Disco glitter glamour is the feeling for a party night.
Jaelyyn: All clothing Zara. Suit mother H&M, glitter heels Jimmy Choo.
Let’s dance the night away and add some glitter to it.
Party-Proof-Outfits-NYE-Sanne-van-Gestel-The-Mom-Disco-Glamouw 1. T-shirt with ballerina €38 Little Marc Jacobs 2. T-shirt with kitten €38 Billieblush by Alex and Alexa 3. White t-shirt with moon print €20 Mayoral by Alex and Alexa 4. Gold and silver pleated skirt €105 Relish 5. Glitter ballerina €19,99 H&M 6. Golden skirt €29,99 Noppies

I hope you are inspired and ready to shine in the most wonderful looks during New Years Eve.

With love,

Photography; Paul van de Looi
Styling; Sanne van Gestel
Hair and make-up; Marije Koelewijn @ Angelique Hoorn
Models; Jaelynn and Levi @ Hip4Kidz
Production; Jeffrey Joustra
With special thanks to; Hip4Kidz & Denise van Houdt 

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