Fashion for Boys: Waking up at Midnight

Is your boy also already way to excited about staying up till midnight this Sunday? He will probably fall asleep before it gets noon, but that is okay. Maybe playing a game on the Nintendo 2DS XL will keep him up. Games are very addictive, but nowadays there are tons of educative games. And with this watch from Nixon he can check out the time by himself! Having him wearing a watch is also a great way to teach him how to tell the time. And it does look super cool a watch like this.


1. Shirt Mango €3,99 2. Jacket Molo €90 3. Hat Dolce and Gabbana €117,30 4. Brooch Macon & Lesquoy 5. Watch Nixon €100 6. Boots Pèpè €191 7. Nintendo 2DS XL €149 8. Jeans Burberry €130

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