Balenciaga Kids

We have selected some items from The Balenciaga Kids collection, and we tell you.. we are fan! The collection is filled with mini unisex items from the main collection. Fashionable athletic wear with bright colors like red and yellow and with inspirational motifs like “Think Big!” and “The Power of Dreams”. Your kid will look great, you can combine the colors or let your little one wear it all in one color. Of course the well-known sock sneakers couldn’t be missed in this collection, so they added them in three colors: red, yellow and black.

What are your favorite pieces?


1. Hoodie €250 2. Hoodie €250 3. Hoodie €250 4. Hoodie €250 5. T-shirt €150 6. T-shirt €150 7. T-shirt €150 8. Pants €175 9. Shorts €125 10. Pants €175 11. Sneakers €250 12. Sneakers €250 13. Sneakers €250


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