This is how you decorate a princess room

Every  little girl is a princess deep inside. We’ve all been at that point.. But how do you create a room that is suitable for your little princess? There are lots of items for sale, but you don’t want it to look cheesy. Most important thing to decorate the room is: colour. For a princess room you use light pink of course, but make sure you have enought white as well. Next to that, make sure not every item has a princess or crown or something else princessy on it. That is going to be way too much. Better is to combine those with items such that are solid soft pink, but have a princess-look. Like this big chair, which will look like a throne. Or the chandeliers, which would not misstand in a castle. Add some romantic elements and your little one will sleep like a princess!


  1. Children’s Armchair, whkmp’s OWN €199. 2. Storage Treasure Chest, SenS-line €74,95. 3. Tinkerbell Wall Art, Graham & Brown €49,95. 4. Princess Duvet Cover, Snurk €59,95. 5. Crown Photo Frame, Everything Princess $12,99. 6. Children’s Bed, Timzowood Living €365. 7. Chandelier, Search Light €89,95.
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