Pirate interior for boys

Every boy dreams about being a pirate, so why not give him a dangerous pirate room? With playful accessoires, your kid will be in his element. A ship bed, anchor posters and a matching bathrobe will make the room complete. Keep the colours of the room simple. Go for white, light blue or beige walls and decorate the room with pirate accessoires. Ahoy!

  1. Ship Light, Ditto €49,95. 2. Anchor Poster, Pastylabel €21,50. 3. Pirate Duvet, Snurk €59,95. 4. Ship bed, Newjoy €349. 5. Pirate Ship Toy, Playmobil, €184,99. 6. Storage box, Win Green €50. 7. Anchor Bathrobe, Playshoes €29,95.
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Shanice Zoeteweij

Shanice Zoeteweij

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