Cute chairs for kids

Cool furniture is essential for a cool kidsroom. One important thing to decorate the room with are chairs. At this moment there are so many options and funky colours available. Whether you want a big chair, a stool or a crazy other ‘thing’ to sit on: there are enough choices. Pick your favourite and sit along!cutest-kids-chairs-the-mom

  1. Kids Fauteauil With Sprinkles, whkmp’s OWN €179. 2. Petrol Blue Stool, Rose in April €76. 3. Rabbit Chair Set of 2, Oeuf NYC €266. 4. Pet Stool Elephant, Petite Friture €362. 5. Armchair Hammock, Bloomingville €96.  6. Yellow Star Stool,  Studio Della Alpi €94. 7. Skateboard Bench, Lecons des Choses €170. 8. Palm Printed Chair, Les Gambettes €140.  9. Kids Chair in lilac, whkmp’s OWN €49,95.


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