Christmas at Home

Don’t you just love all the Christmas decorations? It is always super cozy with all the lights and trees. We have selected a few items to make your home a true Christmas paradise. We love to combine green and gold with wooden items. Decorate the tree with this wooden Christmas ball from Christmas Decorations, together with a green one with golden details and some Christmassy birds. Always having Christmas brunch with the family? This year everybody can have there own mug with these letter mugs, we think they are perfect for a brunch. Of course you can’t miss a Christmas stocking around this time of year, we have found this one from Marks and Spencer. The kids will love it if they find a little present in it.



1. Pillowcase Madam Stoltz €25,99 2. Wooden angel Nordal €19,99 3. Letter mugs Marks and Spencer €9,95 4. Napkins PPD €3,95 5. Plate House of Seasons €21,99 6. Christmas stocking Marks and Spencer €19,95 7. Christmas ball Christmas Decorations €5,99 8. Birds Christmas Decorations €5,99 9. Christmas ball Wonen Landelijke Stijl by J-Line €23,90 10. Golden Christmas tree Nordal €14,99

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