Awesome inflatables for hot weather

No pool or beachday is complete without some inflatable fun! This year there are inflatables of all sorts and sizes. Do you prefer icecream, fruit or pizza? Or have you always been dreaming about riding a flamingo? Now is the chance to do it! Ofcourse they are meant for your kids, but we can’t deny wanting them for ourselves too!


  1. Icecream inflatable, Intex €16,95. 2. Pretzel Inflatable, €15,99. 3. Watermelon Inflatable, Swim Essentials €49,95. 4. Pineapple Inflatable, Fliex €49,95. 5. Pizza Inflatable, Otto Simon €26,60. 6. Donut Inflatable, €4,99. 7. Icecream Inflatable, Intex €16,99.  8. Flamingo Inflatable, Intex €29,99.
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Shanice Zoeteweij

Shanice Zoeteweij

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