a pure white interior for kids

White is the colour of innocence and peace. That might be exactly what you wish for in your kid. A white room won’t guarantee you will have the sweetest child ever, but it does give them a quiet surrounding. This colour never gets out of style and there are many ways and colours to combine it with. Our favourite item is definitly the bed house, how cute is that?

pure-white-interior-kids-the-mom1. Bed house, whkmps’s OWN €599. 2. Pendant, HK living €89,95. 3. Storage Box, whkmp’s OWN €9,95. 4. Wall Poster, DesignClaud €16,95. 5. Faux Leather Desk Chair, LaForma €99. 6. Wooden Dresser, Stapelgoed €499. 7. Duvet Cover, Disney €29,95.

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Shanice Zoeteweij

Shanice Zoeteweij

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