Play like a Native American in your bedroom

Watch out for the Native American! Little boys love to play like a Native American; outside in the garden but also have you ever thought of turning the bedroom in a smart looking Native American playground? We are totally in love with The Tipi bed of Woood, which is the perfect bed for little night time adventures. Your child can fantasize and enjoy sleeping and playing in this bed. Make the bed complete with a similar themed duvet cover and let the story come alive with the Skitsch fire kit table lamp. The base of the lamp features two crossed wooden elements, which support a mouth blown “flame”. The light itself is placed inside the “flame”. Make the bedroom complete with this NOBODINOZ tent for secret play meetings during the day!



  1. tent NOBODINOZ €159,95 2. pillow KIKKERLAND €19,95 3. Lamp SKITSCH €167,- 4. bed WOOOD €328,95 5. basket FERM LIVING €30,- 6. duvet cover KWANTUM €20,- 7. rug FERM LIVING €239,-
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