Kids-proof hotspot: Het Zuiderbad


Kids-proof hotspot: Het Zuiderbad

Happy weekend! The sun is out and the temperature will rise significantly today. Do you have any plans with the kids already? What will be more fun than heading to the beach! No idea where to go yet? We are listing a wonderful place, especially for your little ones.

At Het Zuiderbad in Noordwijk your are able to enjoy the seaside during the whole year. The menu consists of several delicious dishes for lunch and dinner. There is plenty of choice for children. Think of, pancakes with syrup, apple or cinnamon, various sandwiches, hamburgers or sea lions for dinner. Next to that, there are kids chairs available to ensure the comfort of your little one during diner time.

There are many things to do for your little ones. In addition to swimming and playing in the sand, there is a large playground with many play equipment. This ensures that you are able to relax in the sun with a glass of wine, while they can run around and enjoy themselves at the playground.

Get in the car and drive to this easy spot. The doors are open from 9:30 till 00:00 during the summer. Go by for a lunch-, drink-, dinner- or playdate. We are sure that it won’t be your last visit!

Het Zuiderbad
Koningin Astrid Boulevard 104, Noordwijk



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