Hotspot: Bij Storm in Amsterdam


Hotspot: Bij Storm in Amsterdam

The weather will finally be better this weekend. Get outside with your loved ones to celebrate. The best thing to do with the kids is go to the beach of course. If you don’t have time to spend your whole day at the beach, you can also look for something closer, such as Bij Storm!

Bij Storm is located on the zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam, which is only ten minutes away from the Central Station. This spot is easy to reach by car or public transport. The doors are open from Wednesday till Sunday for lunch and dinner. This ensures that you can enjoy the sun all day, while your little ones can play by themselves in the sand.

The menu consists of different kids-proof sandwiches, panini’s and snacks for lunch. Besides that, there are many delicious dishes for dinner and dessert. Including separate kids dishes during lunch- and dinnertime. For dessert you have to think of brownies with whipped cream, a cookie dough strawberry cheesecake and ice cream. Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Bij Storm is suitable for various occasions. There are several customized packages offered, which are making it the ideal spot for a business party, meeting, or party for yourself or your little one. During the summer time they offer little swimming pools and outdoor toys. Besides that, there is a play corner and your little one is able to bake cookies on regular base. Are you still wondering why you should visit this spot? Pass by and believe us, it won’t be your last time!

Bij Storm
Zuiderzeeweg 1 Amsterdam

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