Hotspot: Le Pain Quotidien


Hotspot: Le Pain Quotidien

It’s weekend! Get outside for something fun. We found the perfect spot to drop by with the family. Le Pain Quotidien is located on many places around the world, including 8 locations in and around Amsterdam. Go here for breakfast, brunch, lunch a cup of coffee or a guilty or guilt-free snack.

Le Pain Quotidien is totally suitable for kids. The menu includes a special sign to indicate dishes that are suitable for kids. Next to that, there are children chairs and colorplates and -pencils available at all locations so that your little ones can enjoy themselves as they have to wait for the food.

You shouldn’t go here just for your kids, but mainly for yourself. The menu includes the most delicious dishes, such as tartines (homemade sourdough sandwiches), salads, savoury pies, soups and fingerlicking treats. This place is also totally suitable whenever you are on a diet. The food is mostly organic, using seasonal vegetables and local products.

It doesn’t matter who you are taking, this spot has something for everyone. Most of the locations are open 7 days a week from 8:00 to 18:00. Believe us, it won’t be your last visit!

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