Hotspot: Kids-proof dinner at Van 't Spit


Hotspot: Kids-proof dinner at Van 't Spit

Not feeling like cooking, but also not in the mood to go to a fancy restaurant with the kids? Sometimes you want to have dinner at an easy spot. Not every place is suitable with kids unfortunately. That’s why we have been looking for a relaxed, kids-proof, spot. Read on!

Van ’t Spit is located at 5 locations in the Netherlands, of which two of them in Amsterdam. The concept is simple. You choose between a whole or half chicken with all kinds of delicious side dishes, such as organic fries, sweet potatoes, cabbage lettuce, apple sauce or a corn. The food is ready in no-time, which ensures that your kids don’t have to wait for their food very long.

The chickens which are used at Van ‘t Spit are living in spacious stables. They aren’t getting any antibiotics or growths promoters. They are living through a natural day- and night rhythm and aren’t living with too many animals together. This ensures that they can grow in a calm and quiet environment.

This spot is the perfect place to go with your little ones. Make sure that you go with an empty stomach to ensure that you can also try various side dishes! This spot is open from Monday to Sunday from 17:00 to 1:00. It isn’t possible to make a reservation unfortunately, but usually you do not have to wait very long. Enjoy!

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