Hotspot: De Bakkerswinkel


Hotspot: De Bakkerswinkel

Fancy an outdoor breakfast or lunch today? We have been looking for kids-proof hotspots in Amsterdam. Today’s hotspot isn’t new, but definitely worth trying. Today we are highlighting De Bakkerswinkel. Are you curious why we love this place? Read on!

De Bakkerswinkel is located at eight different locations, of which three in Amsterdam. At this spot you can choose from a large menu that changes twice a year. The menu includes various sweet- and savoury breakfast- and lunch dishes. Such as, different kind of yoghurt- and egg dishes, pastries, soups and salads.

This place is totally suitable for kids. The menu is kids-proof and your kids can just do their thing without any worries about noise. De Bakkerswinkel is also suitable for a coffee date or as a place to sit down with your laptop. Normally you don’t need to make a reservation, but you better be doing this whenever you are planning on going with a large group. In this way you make sure that they keep a table for you.

Do you have an empty spot in your diary this weekend? Go for a delicious breakfast of lunch at one of De Bakkerswinkel locations. At this place there is something on the menu for everyone. Next to that, your kids can choose from numerous sweets. Do not forget to try on of the different scone flavors. They are worth every calorie!


NLD, Niederlande, Amsterdam Centrum, Bakkerswinkel, Baeckerei und Cafe, Restaurant, Innenarchitektur und -Einrichtung von Piet Hein Eek | NLD, The Netherlands, Amsterdam Centrum, Bakkerswinkel, De Bakkerswinkel have placed a lot of emphasis on the relationschip between food, surroundings and people. Bakery shop and cafe, restaurant, interior design and fitting by Piet Hein Eek


Photo credits: @DeBakkerswinkel

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