Hotspot: Aloha Beach


Hotspot: Aloha Beach

Happy Saturday! Each Saturday we are providing you with a nice weekend spot. Luckily, we have one extra day this weekend. Do you have any plans already? Hopefully you haven’t! Get in the car with the kids and drive to this cool spot. We are telling you why!

Aloha Beach is a place where you should have been to. This spot is not only worth trying because of the relaxed ambiance and interior, but they are also serving many different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes tasty juices, healthy salads, burgers, pizzas and various sweets, including healthy pancakes, homemade cakes and regular and lactose-, gluten- and soy-free ice cream.

Aloha’s organic meat & poultry comes from organic farms. These aren’t containing any chemicals or preservatives. Furthermore they are serving responsibly chosen fishes and organic bread. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are, this menu includes something for everyone at every age.

This spot is kids-proof. There are high chairs available for your little ones and also board games to keep them busy after playing on the beach. In addition to that, you can organize birthday parties for children over here. Think of, a surfing class at the beach for example. Aloha Beach is open seven days a week from 10 in the morning.

Aloha Beach
Reyndersweg 2, Velsen-Noord




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