Xmas gifts for cool kids

Christmas is just around the corner and we love this time of the year; decorating the Christmas tree, finding the perfect festive looks and buying presents for our beloved ones. We especially love to shop for our kids. Seeing their happy faces after unwrapping a gift is amazing.

Vtech is one of our favorite toy brands. In the first place because all their toys make every kid happy and second that every toy has a learning aspect. For example their swing and play monkey, this cute little monkey is not only super fun to play with all day, but will also encourages little ones to play a “treat me” game. Perfect when your little one just starts walking. And for the bigger kids they have the coolest action cams and high tech watches. Today we have selected some of our favorite toys that are perfect Xmas gifts for cool boys and girls.


  1. Kidizoom Smart Watch DX Vtech € 54,99 2. Kidizoom Action Cam 180° Vtech € 44,95 3.  Kidizoom Vtech € 74,50 4. Swing en Speel aap Vtech € 32,99 5. VTech Cars 3 Bliksem McQueen Cam-Watc Vtech € 42,99 6. Rock ’n Leer drumstel Vtech € 44,99 7. Diepzeepalais Vtech € 38,99 8. Kidizoom Smart Watch DX Vtech € 46,75 9. Multifunctionele Wekker Vtech 32,99 10.  Speelpret picknickset Vtech € 24,99 11. Super Trike Vtech € 129 12.  Little Love – Suzy & haar Puppyvriendje Vtech € 46,75
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