Meet Tooth Tales; a feel good jewelry brand that captures childhood memories

Meet the one and only Tooth Fairy Maria Kooistra who recently launched her brand new company Tooth Tales. Tooth Tales is a feel good jewelry brand that captures childhood memories. Forget about diamonds (those are so 2017) and embrace Tooth Tales. This makes the IT gift for 2018. We adore.

Tooth Tales takes precious baby teeth to transform them into unique gold or silver charms that can be cherished forever.

Maria said the following about these unique handmade treasures: “A baby tooth is an important symbol and memory, and losing baby teeth is associated with many traditions and stories. My jewelry takes you back to that beautiful time, to your children’s youth, or your own childhood.”

The design philosophy behind Tooth Tales focuses on craftsmanship and attention to detail in order to create delicate, distinctive pieces. The charms are made in cooperation with a dental laboratory in Amsterdam for a personal and exact replica. The solid gold or silver charms are designed and developed in Maria’s workshop and are available in a range of jewelry styles.

Maria grew up in the small town of Leek, in the North of The Netherlands. As a child, she fashioned jewelry from twigs, bones, and flowers – thus laying the foundation for her future brand. in 2009, after a career as an actress in the world of Dutch cinema, she left for New York to be a goldsmith apprentice and never looked back!
After her parent’s death and becoming a parent herself (Maria has three children), she felt a strong desire to create jewelry that symbolized her loving childhood. One of the artifacts that took her back to that time, was a small glass jar filled with her own baby teeth. She started experimenting with various techniques and precious metals. Not long after, Tooth Tales was born; small baby teeth cast in gold and silver, serving as modern amulets. Tooth Tales offers a range of different designs! Check out the full collection here.

“Inspired by the memories of my childhood and motherhood, my work became more focused and deep. I wanted to embody what is really close to me, celebrate what really touches me, and pass on what is really valuable” – Maria

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