The leather jackets you want to have this season

We all love leather jackets (although we prefer the faux ones)! They are essential in your wardrobe and go with pretty much every outfit. Especially now that spring has started, they are the perfect jacket to do anything. Whatever you want to dress casual or fancy, leather jackets always work well. Go crazy this season and stay away from safe black. Why don’t you try bold colours or metallic for once?


  1. Leather Jacket with Bomber Sleeves, Sandro €395. 2. Leatherlook Jacket, Zara €49,95. 3. White Bikerjack, All Saints €470. 4. Nude Nappa Leather Jacket, Stand €479. 5. Jacket With Studs And Patches, Zara €199. 6. Metallic Bikerjack, Tommy Hilfiger €890. 7. Metallic Jacket, H&M €59,99. 8. Leather Jacket, Zara €59,95. 9. Graffiti Sprayed Bikerjacket, Topshop €390.
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Shanice Zoeteweij

Shanice Zoeteweij


  1. Jenny schreef:

    I’m loving every single one of these jackets apart from the more printed/vibrant ones but loving metallics this season xx

    Jenny | X

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