Styling tips by Chanel Styliste Manhattan Lebel

Last week we were at the newly opened Chanel boutique in Amsterdam. We attended an exclusive style exercise from famous styliste Manhattan Lebel. It was incredibly inspiring, as she showed us multiple looks with just a few items from the Paris Hamburg Collection. The collection is named Paris Hamburg, because Hamburg is the city were Karl Lagerfeld was born back in 1933.

You can see the whole resemblance from Hamburg throughout the collection. Just like the covetable ‘Container Bag’ and the many nautical influences.

One of the key tips of Manhattan was that you need to invest in just 7 essential pieces and how to create so many different looks! But what are these 7 essential pieces? Well, Manhattan explained: these are the items you feel comfortable in. Like the iconic tweed jacket from Chanel. In this collection is that a white tweed sailor jacket, and in addition a matching tweed sailor cap. You can style it in lots of multiple ways.

For example you can style this item with the matching skirt, or you can choose a pair of jeans! And finish it off with some espadrilles and a buckle bag. Also a perfect match: a red leather skirt. This skirt from the collection is detailled with sailors buttons, and the red color matches the lining of the jacket. Some biker boots and a pouch and you are ready to go! You will look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Perfect mommy attire. 

But what about the tweed skirt that matches the jacket? Because the skirt is also an essential piece that can be styled in lots of different ways. Like with the colorful sweater with a parrot. Casual yet sophisticated. Perfect with a transparant backpack and white sneakers. 

Every mom needs a knitted sweater for winter. Perfect for a chic and preppy look combined with a fringe skirt and some Chelsea boots. Or even a see-through black skirt. Even though a see-through skirt isn’t something you would normally wear, there are lots of different ways to style it and make you feel comfortable in it. Like with a longer pied-de-poule jacket, that will cover your hip area. Also a fun option is to wear the see-through skirt over a long dress. Manhattan chose a knitted dress, with blocks and the colors of autumn. Together with the matching ‘Container bag’, you will look fabulous. In need for a more chique look? Grab your suit! But the only piece you need is the gilet from the suit. Close the buttons but leave the most upper ones open, for a bit of a décolleté. Finish it of with a black clutch and some heels embellished with pears.

Another fun look with this skirt is to combine it with a colorful sweater. This sweater with blocks, resembles the port in Hamburg, with all the containers. Manhattan styled it together with a leather jacket with short sleeves, to give it a fun twist with the longer sleeves of the sweater. And of course a pink Chanel bag and some blue glitter mules. But this sweater is also perfect for at the office with some grey striped pants, and the jumbo glitter bag that perfectly fits your laptop.

And last but not least.. Manhattan her favorite look! The checked long dress, mixed with the blocked sweater over it. A fun and bold look for those mommies who dare! Finished off with some cuffs in matching colors! 

We absolutely loved this styling session, which made us realize that we need a total wardrobe detox. Let’s get rid of all the items we don’t wear anymore and create overview in your wardrobe. By being creative and with the right items you will look like a million! Thank you Chanel for having us.

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