Q&A with illustrator Katie Scott about her collaboration with H&M

All time favorite fashion brand H&M teamed up with illustrator Katie Scott to create a collection for H&M Kids. The collection is already available in store and on the 23rd of March the items will also be available online – and trust us, you would want to lay your hands on at least one piece! Katie Scott illustrates animals in a scientific, but yet modern way, which is one of the reasons H&M wanted to collaborate with her. Katie created the illustrations on the clothes especially for H&M Kids, which are mixed with exciting print techniques and embroidery. We wanted to know more about Katie Scott and asked her about her collaboration with H&M, inspiration, and dreams. 

Katie Scott was born in London, where she experienced the best of two worlds: she grew up between her mother’s house in the countryside and her dad’s house in Islington. “I feel very equal parts like a city person and a country person.” Her parents were both designers, so she had a pretty creative upbringing. Katie now lives back in London, where she has a lovely studio not far from her apartment.

Katie Scott X H&M

Katie Scott X H&M

What inspires you most in life and where do you find creativity for your illustrations?
I’m hugely inspired by the natural world of course, but equally I find inspiration in historical artworks depicting the natural world. I love noting the changes in styles and form that different cultures went through as they began to map and understand the biological world around them.

Somewhere like the Natural History Museum in London is perfect, because you’re exposed to an incredible display of plants and animals in the exhibits and dioramas,  but then heading to the library you can discover another world of amazing illustrations and paintings dating back hundreds of years. You can view the natural worlds through you’re own eyes, or the gaze of a 17th century explorer.

What was it like to work with H&M?
It was wonderful to work with the team at H&M, they liked a lot of my ideas right from the get go, and it’s always interesting to collaborate with others, try something new and see how other designers present your work.

Which item of the special edition kids collection is your favourite?
Definitely the Whale Shark T-shirt. Personally I’m a big fan of the all-over prints, so I also really like the Monkeys jumpsuit.

When did you start illustrating? Did you always had a thing for creativity?
I guess so, I always enjoyed drawing and was well encouraged by my family. I didn’t necessarily know that ‘illustrator’ was a job until I went to college, and even then I don’t think I expected it to work out.

Are there any things that are on your bucket list, career-wise?
It’s nice to feel like I’ve ticked a few of them off already. But I think more jobs in fashion, and definitely something in homewares. I’ve been toying with that idea for a while, but just waiting for the right thing to come along.

From 23 March the collection will be available on Until then you can shop the collection already in stores! We’ve listed a few of our favorite Katie Scott X H&M items below.





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