Inspiration: How to dress like Janine

Janine knows how to dress herself in the most fashionable creations, such as this gorgeous lemon dress. This item is perfect during hot Summer days, but also totally suitable for a party. It’s just a matter of styling. Do you want to have this eye-catcher in your closet as soon as possible? Take a close look! We are telling you where to find this beauty. Wear it, just like Janine, with some striking accessories and you will be good to go!


  1. Rocks On a Rope, price on request 2. Sunglasses, Céline Eyewear €301 3. Lemon Dress, H&M €59,99 4. Laquer Stick, Dior €37,50 5. Statement Ring, Jacquie Aiche 6. Gold Cuff, Aurelie Biderman €673 7. Hair Dryer, €34,90
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Joelle Leons

Joelle Leons

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