Get ready for white tights and berets to finish off every look; Chanel showed their cruise collection last night. And our guess is that Jack and Rose would definitely approve. Because the show was on a gigantic Chanel cruise-ship at the Grand Palais in Paris. Our hearts might not go-on from the collection, but it definitely skipped a beat. We instantly fell in love with the collection. With gorgeous colors and detailing. 

Back in 1919 Gabrielle Chanel designed -without knowing- the first ever Cruise Collection, did she know she was creating a new fashion movement? Designs ideal for yachting, spa towns, seaside resorts and sun-drenched destinations. She had already earlier launched outfits inspired by sailor suits. That she revisited in woolen jersey, then in silk jersey. They were as soft as they were fluid, practical to wear daily without ever loosing that established CHANEL allure. 

Karl Lagerfeld brought his vision to the Cruise collection, a collection that embodies traveling in all its forms, real or imaginary, temporal or historic, and that he wanted to land all over the world.

We have selected a few of our favorite looks from the collection. Time to sail off!

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