Fashion meets Kids Interior Styled by Sanne van Gestel with Cara Schiffelers

It’s Sunday so time for some kids interior inspiration. In Fashion Meets Kids Interior styled by Sanne van Gestel we give you an exclusive look in the kids and baby rooms of real fashion moms. Sanne van Gestel is a well-known stylist in Holland and famed for her Parisian chic taste and international allure. She has studied Interior and for Prêt à Mama she wanted to create a concept that mixed her passion for interior, kids and fashion. An interior says a lot about personality and is a beautiful way to portrait a person.

This weekend fashion consultant and fashion director of Dutch Grazia Cara Schiffelers opens the doors to her amazing home. Cara is a respected veteran of the Dutch fashion world and has held high titles such as Paris press manager at Yohji Yamamoto and Fashion Director at Dutch ELLE Magazine. Her gorgeous interior is just as amazing as her great personality and fashion style. Together with her son Santo she shares a warm sweet home. ‘Home is where the heart is’, for Cara a home needs to have a soul. Personal garments are very important for her to create a warm place for herself and her son. Together with vintage items and high design objects she created an amazing interior. To us Cara is a true Prêt à Mama and a big inspiration. We are happy she invited us to capture her most precious items. Take a look at her wonderful interior and read all about it in the Q&A.

Q. Can you describe your style?
A. A style I just love is a Parisian “je ne sais quoi”style with a touch of nonchalence combined with rock chic. I cannot deny that black clothing is major in my wardrobe.

Q. Can you describe Santo’s style?
A. This little boy of 2 years old, has already his funny naughty rebel way of being. I love to dress him according to his personal style. So a mix of ”stoer “ and playful ! Even though he is not a mini-mi, the rocking style is definitely one that matches him the best!

Q. How did you decorate the room of Santo?
A. For the moment we share the big bedroom, but there is a special corner with all his
belongings since his birth and with a kind of altar of precious pictures and token of love.

Q. Are their significant influences of your style in his room?
A. I love space and lightness and pureness and lots of African influences for interior, so yes Santo will probably be influenced by mommy’s taste , but there is enough room for his own preferences. I do love the mix of modern/classic and vintage combined with art and all of this I combine with personal belongings.

Q. What did you change in his room since his birth?
A. Santo moved from the family cradle into a bigger classic wooden bed. The rest is still the same, with the original family dresser from the sixties where I still change his diapers! Love to keep it as long as possible a warm baby nest while slightly changing it into a healty rebel boy bedroom!

Q. What is the most precious item in Santo’s room?
A. De commode and the cradle from the sixties, where all the 6 children (my brother and my 4 sisters and I) have been dressed on and have slept in , now it’s Santo’s turn.

Q. What are your favorite kids interior brands?
A. I do not have a specific brand, although I love to be inspired by shops or sites like:
Keet in Huis.nl , prikkeltje.nl, bigenbelg.nl

Who really inspires me so much is my friend Manon Hanssen-Meyering who lives right now in Kenia. Her site thelifetraveller.com gives me on all levels the most colourful ideas and vitamins which I love to integrate into the daily lifestyle for my boy!

Q. Can you share your best interior styling tip?
A. Stick to your own way of living! Decorate it daily with all the beauty you can find around you!

Santo in wooden letters and hearts and African Art Painting by Ali Lamu , which was printed on his birth announcement!
And his first Tod’s from Milano…..;-)

Uniform look with both the same Hunter boots! Zo moeder zo zoon!!!

This lovely coat hanger made by my mother in the sixties. The woolen cap, made by my aunt in the sixties, was mine and now my little boy is wearing it, same with the red raincoat, originally from the 60ies and worn by his own mom!

I am not that into plastic stuff, really go for real wood and eco/durable minded objects. This wooden bike by Kokua is Santo’s favorite!

Credits: Photography Martijn Senders & Styling Sanne van Gestel

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