Dinner table fun with the cutest tableware

Every kid goes through a “NO I don’t want to eat” stage at least once. All of a sudden the favorite meal is a no go and eating veggies is mission impossible. Don’t worry too much, because this is a very common problem for most parents. Don’t put to much pressure and try to make dinner time fun instead of a torture. To make eating healthy meals more fun cute tableware can be a good tool. Who doesn’t want to eat from a fun dino or tiger plate? We have selected some of our favorite table ware items for your little one.

Stokke™ Munch™ complete set € 60

Zara Home complete set € 17,99

Baby Björn set € 35,90

Donkey Products bamboo plates € 19 each

Omm Design plates € 7 each

Powell Craft Dino set € 18,40

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