Healthy (and yummy) treats for sweeth tooths by Anneloes van Gaalen

This time of the year it is candy all over the place. From Halloween until New Year’s eve your kids will get a sugar overload. Although you can’t keep them completely away from sugar it’s good to know that there are very good alternatives. Today Anneloes van Gaalen of Indie Kids® brands shares some of her favorite healthy (and oh so yummy) treats.

Between Halloween, Sint Maarten, Sinterklaas and Christmas my kids have had (more than) their fair amount of sugar. Because I would like to get them down from their sugar high and preserve their pearly whites, I’ve decided to turn my attention to all things sweet. Or semi-sweet. Made with love by independent brands.


De Kleine Keuken
After the birth of my first kid I was still under the illusion that I would stay clear from pureed, store-bought baby food and planned to make everything from scratch. By myself. Organic. Biological. With love. Then reality came knocking and the premade baby food slowly but surely entered our lives. As did De Kleine Keuken. Their delicious, all-natural purees and pastas made me feel less guilty about feeding my kids anything but homemade grub. And the good news is that in recent years this Dutch brand has expanded both its range and points of sale. And so chances are your local grocer sells their peanut butter and chocolate paste, which are free from all things sugary and nasty and have therefore become a staple in our kitchen cupboard.


Tante Toos Suikerloos
This Rotterdam-based brand, which loosely translates to Aunt Tess Sugarless, was set up by Elze Schaap. The candy she makes is free from sugar, gluten and other unnecessary additives. Instead Elze works with fruit, vegetables and herbs, sometimes adding some sweetness like honey, maple syrup or dates. Most ingredients are sourced locally – the apples and pears come from a nearby farm – and preferably organic.


Hey Yum!
In recent years the amount of sugar-free, organic candy has increased dramatically and most supermarkets stock at least one or two ‘alternative’ candy brands. Most kids like them…that is until they discover ‘the real deal’ and then you can’t seem to persuade the little buggers to eat the locally-sourced-organic-biodegradable-slowly-cooked-and-awful-looking-strawberries that double as candy. And that’s why I love Hey Yum! This Danish brand of organic candy is free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives, but it looks and tastes just like ‘ordinary’ candy, which go down like…well, a treat!


Ridiculously Good
Okay, this one’s more for the moms than the kids (although my kids love them). Ridiculously Good is a delicious treat made from the best raw chocolate from Ecuador with a coconut filling. Organic, fair trade and free of sugar so you don’t have to worry about adding post-pregnancy pounds 🙂 Not a coconut fan? They also come in Pretty Orange & Pecan and Brilliant Brownie.

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