Anneloes van Gaalen shares her Indie Kids® art favorites

Anneloes van Gaalen is mother of two, author, entrepreneur and expert on all things indie. She wrote the definitive book on the subject (Indie Brands: 30 Independent Brand That Inspire and Tell a Story) and heads an independent platform that promotes brands that are (financially) independent, innovative and/or inspiring. Each month she shares her favorite Indie Kids® brands on The Mom. 

Modern Makers X Old Masters
With Indie Brands® we’ve been to lot of cool places. We’ve organized markets in old railway stations, conferences in abandoned warehouses and pop-up shops in greenhouses, safari tents and even in an old pharmacy. A few weeks ago we got to set up shop in our first museum. During museumn8 the Amsterdam Museum allowed us to introduce modern makers in four fabulous locations. For those who missed out on this one-off night market, here’s a selection of independent kids brands: Modern Makers meet Old Masters

Dumpies was also present during our museumn8 market. The dolls were even given a mini makeover with handmade millstone collars.

Dumpies was also present during our museumn8 market. The dolls were even given a mini makeover with handmade millstone collars.

My first Vermeer
The rooms of our children are adorned with little paintings and screen prints by different designers and artists. One of our kids’ favorite, and most affordable, ‘works of art’ is a miniature Vermeer by Rene Jacobs called ‘Girl with the Eyepatch.’ In his studio in Delft, Jacobs turns old Masters into mini masterpieces, with a twist. The prints measure 10,5 cm x 9,5 cm, come in a lovely frame and cost just 9 Euro.

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PAINTED.Amsterdam wants to inspire people with fine art on a daily basis and they do so with clothes and accessories that highlight the history of art, while being manufactured as sustainable as possible. From socks to hats, from bags and gloves to baby onesies: all items feature works by Old Masters and can be found both online and at several museum shops.

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Meet the Rijkswachters. The ‘wooden army’ that once protected the treasures of the Rijksmusem and that have gotten a new lease of life as wooden robots. Each piece is made from wooden crates in which the works of art of the Dutch Rijksmuseum were kept safe while the museum was under construction. Every robot has a unique design and features a number with which you can find out (online) which piece of art it kept safe. A miniature robot will set you back 25 Euro, a big one (with light) costs around 120 Euro.

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Anne-Claire Petit
Anne-Claire Petit is best know for its colorful collection of crochet toys and gifts. I for one am rater partial to their home accessories (as a busy mom-on-the-go I love the idea of a crochet plant or vase of flowers that need zero attention). All items are designed in Amsterdam and made by hand by crochet experts in China and Thailand. As for the skating dolls: they were inspired by Dutch painter Hendrick Avercamp, best known for his wintery landscapes. Price: 34,95 Euro per doll.

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