The perfect mascara for a mommy night out

Recently The Mom team got invited to ClubNL in Amsterdam to celebrate the launch of a new NARS mascara. NARS had an exciting surprise for us… At the entrance we got a key to a personal locker. In here we found a small present for us. But maybe even more exciting was the fact that we were introduced to the new NARS mascara: NARS Climax. So while Pleun Bierboom and Elize were performing we got a quick NARS touch-up. The mascara immediately curled our lashes and gave it maximum volume. Thanks to the light weight formula it was without clumps and smudges and our lashes still felt flexible. Definitely a mascara that is perfect for a mommy night out. 😉
Nars Climax Mascara is on sale from September 17. For more information please visit:

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