The Best Perfumes to Start 2018 with

2018 is here, and we have selected some of the most delicious perfumes for you. With these perfumes you will have a great start of the year. The packaging of these perfumes, makes us already want it. But they all smell amazing too. The Michael Kors Turquoise is a limited edition and has a fresh floral scent with a modern touch. The scent is soft and unexpected, the refreshing tones of water lily, cucumber and limes, and the floral heart of jasmine and wild orchid makes this perfume unforgettably feminine. The Givenchy perfume is perfect for the woman who likes to break the rules. Who enjoys every moment so intensely, life is her playground and there are no boundaries. The perfume fulfills her wishes with the scent that is enriched with orange blossom in a delicious mix with subtle madeleine nut with a hint of almond. And an unexpected twist of freshly picked roses. 
Which scent will empower you this year?


1. Givenchy Live Irréstistible 75 ml €113 2. Michael Kors Turquoise 100 ml €104 3. Marc Jacobs Daisy 100 ml €73,24 4. Dior Poison Girl 100 ml €141,29 5. Moschino Pink Fresh Couture 100 ml €81,56 6. Versace Crystal Noir 90 ml €94,86

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