Smile Essentials: 9 products that will make you smile

Marilyn Monroe once said that ‘a smile is the best make up any girl can wear’. We cannot agree more – a smile is one of the most beautiful things in a face. Especially when your teeth are clean (and white), your lips are hydrated and nourished, and after putting some color on those lovely lips, you are totally ready for spring! Get inspired by the new season with its rose and pastel tones or go for a classic, hot red. All lipsticks look better on soft and smooth lips, so make sure to treat your lips with special lip oil or balm.


  1. Lip Loofah, Apa Beauty, €19 2. Mouthwash, Aēsop, €19 3. Lip Treatment Oil, Zelens, €47 4. Lip Pencil, Kevyn Aucoin, €24 5. Lip Sugar Scrub, Dior Beauty, £24 6. Lip Paint Matte, L’Oréal, €9,09 7. Matte Chic Liquid Lipstick, Chantecaille, €39 8. White Toothpaste, Apa Beauty, €24 9. Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips, Smile lab, €49,95 (now available at Etos with 25% discount).


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