KenzoKi - Belle de Jour "the winning trio"

Kenzo discovered the secrets of the Holy Lotus and combined it with an innovative Alchemy. It is a new answer to skin rejuvenation. And we know all mommies are looking for a way to keep their skin youthful. These products from Kenzo will also replenish the skin and reduce the visible signs of aging. So in a few years, people might think you are the sister and not the mother 😉

The Holy Lotus is an important part of the Asian legend. The seeds of the flower has an unique lifespan for in the plant world. Research scientist found out that the seed is able to heal itself, even in the most extreme circumstances. They say that this legendary plant never grows old. And that is of course what we want our skin to resemble. That in 10 years, our skin is just as youthful as it is now.

The sacred lotus undertakes three actions: preserve, replenish and reduce. 
it will make sure that your skin keeps looking youthful, and thanks to the brown seaweed extract your skin will keep its vitality.

The sacred lotus can be found in three skin care products. And it definitely is a winning trio for your skin.

Belle de Jour Sacred Lotus Oil

This soft, extra fine oil with absolute comfort nourishes and revitalizes.


KenzoKi Belle de Jour Sacred Lotus Oil 30 ml – €79,50

Belle de Jour Sacred Lotus Serum

This youth concentrate has an amazing effect already in the first few applications. Wrinkles appear softened and the skin is visibly smoother. Day after day the skin is strengthened and radiance and elasticity are restored.


KenzoKi Belle de Jour Sacred Lotus Serum 30 ml – €95,50

Belle de Jour Sacred Lotus Face Cream
This cream has surprising powers, with its melting texture it will fill up the deep and fine wrinkles. Already within the first few applications. Your facial contours will be firmer and the skin is visibly renewed.


KenzoKi Belle de Jour Sacred Lotus Face Cream 50 ml – €95,50

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