Is there a better color than red...?

For the first time in its history, the mythical vial conceived by Mademoiselle Chanel leaves its transparent design for what it is and wraps itself in a fire-red gown. For a limited edition, the Eau de Toilette N°5 L’EAU and the Eau de Parfum N°5 (100 ml) are surrounded by a mass of colored red glass and there will be 55 numbered copies of red baccarat crystal in collector’s size of the Extrait N°5 (900 ml) created.

Is there a better color than red to be in harmony with this ‘ladies perfume with the smell of a woman’ that was designed as an olfactory copy of Mademoiselle Chanel?

His radical design, designed in 1921 and modified in 1924, the geometric, transparent simplicity of a rectangular bottle and a facetted stop has become an aesthetic manifesto of modernity.
The iconic bottle has subtly evolved during the 20th and 21st centuries and has retained its masterly balance between shape and proportion. Always faithful to his pioneering nature, he now lets himself be carried away by a new aura.

Is there a better color than red, ‘the color of life, the color of blood’, like Mademoiselle
it defined, to connect with the power of N°5, symbol of a visionary mind?

The fashion designer chose this floral aldehyde perfume for life and made it as a kind of talisman to her olfactory signature. Red reflects her passionate soul and stands for her unconditional love for her profession, for art and for the men who have given her life direction. A color without half measures, a promise of dedication and self-confirmation. A color that has the guts, freedom
and embodies the power of a woman who has her destiny in her own hands.

Is there a better color than red to express the uncompromising choices of a fashion designer who only wanted to dress women in black, white, beige, gold or … red?

A color whose all shades, has explored the liveliness and profundity. Whether it is carmine, garnet or ruby ​​red, combined with velvet, tweed or muslin, worn on a tailor or cape, red looks resolutely fashionable in its resolute choice. Not as a small detail but as a completely filled abstract painting, as a fatal attraction that you can not keep your eyes off.

Is there a better color than red around the heart of N°5 to beat? The heart that
gave rhythm its life in many films and photos.

And is there a better color than red to symbolize date night with your hubby? Chanel N°5 is a classic which cannot be missed from your dressoir. It is the perfect perfume to wear when the kids are with the babysitter and you and hubby are going out for a date. 😉

N°5 L’EAU 100 ml – €150
N°5 EAU DE PARFUM 100 ml – €150

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