Go for Glow with Sisley´s Color y Flores Spring look

Yes spring is around the corner so time to update your wardrobe but also you beauty products. Spring asks for a gorgeous healthy subtle glow with soft colours and yes this season it´s also about full kissable lips. Sisley comes with the Color y Flores collection to create the perfect spring look focussed on the cheeks, eyes and lips.

A must have for this season is the L´Orchidée blush, first of all the palette looks stunning but second and foremost it gives you a healthy glowy complexion. Perfectly in line with the strobing trend at the moment. The special developed formula is enriched with with lilies to protect the softness and comfort of the skin. The blush consists of 3 soft pearl shades that break the light for a natural glowing complexion. Use the darker shade to highlight the cheekbones and for a softer touch mix it with the soft pink. Add a touch of the soft gold tone with sparkles on your nose and cupid bow for a flirty finish.

The Phyto-Lip Twist is one of our favourite lip products at the moment. It´s basically a soft coloured lip balm that takes care of your lips and you apply it in just a twist. The colour is covering like a lipstick but shining like a lip gloss. We find that the Lip Twist adds some lovely volume as well and the sophisticated colour range makes this balm a must for a spring make up look.

Phyto-Eye twist is your all in one eye make-up product as it functions as an eye shadow, eye pencil and eye liner. For every mommy who is busy in the morning this pencil is a must. With this magic pen you create a graphical make up look or an XXL eye liner in just a second. Also important, the liner stays put throughout the entire day!

The Phyto-Ombre eye shadows give a hint of colour or extra sparkle to your eyes for a WOW effect. All soft shades and the one darker Burgundy shade is perfect for making your look a little bit more intense. The Pearl shade is perfect for a stunning beach and holiday look!

Find your ultimate mix and match for this spring! Wow your look! & starting price: €36

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