Getting back in shape for summer is easy with these steps


Getting back in shape for summer is easy with these steps

With summer ’17 approaching, gym plans and detox programs will get our full attention the following months. Big chance you are only thinking of joining them, without actually signing up. However, not to worry. There are lots of products available that promise to reshape and tone your body. Of course, the results are better when used in combination with a healthy diet and enough gym time. But some encouragement before getting into your work out outfit shouldn’t do you any harm. Start now and get ready for summer time!


1. Collistar Reshaping Patch Treatment
Collistar comes with a new reshaping product, specially developed for the abdomen and hip area. Tone your waiste with Collistar’s patch treatment, which contains cafeine, firming ingredients, and a thermo active ingredient that stimulates the microcirculation. The best thing: Collistar promises results after only four weeks! Price: € 44,95, 

2. Nivea Firming Body Milk
Embrace a soft and firm feeling with Nivea’s Firming Body Milk. The ingredients firm your skin within two weeks, and also give your skin cells extra energy, which leaves your skin soft and smooth. Price: € 7,50

3. Clarins Contour Body Treatment Oil
Treat your body with this energizing body oil, made with 100% pure plant extracts, such as broom, geranium and marjoram to helps your skin eliminate toxins, smoothen, and prevent sponginess. The delicious aroma gives your wellbeing a boost and leaves your skin toned and nourished. Price: $ 64

4. Doctor Babor Collagen Booster Cream
This cream is developed specially for your face. With its ingredients it corrects wrinkles and smoothens your skin. Your face will feel nourished, toned and firm. Price: € 95,50

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