A gorgeous beauty look this Christmas with Dior

Christmas is coming and we are already so excited to dress up for it. And with a great outfit also comes a beautiful make-up look. Dior came with the Dior New Look Christmas collection and we couldn’t be more excited. The collection is not only elegant, but also very cool and opulent. With graphic and glittery casing.

The collection combines the refinement of precious gems with the ‘rock attitude’ of the modern Dior-woman. With intense colors, prismatic shine and crystalline freshness.

We have created two looks for you, with as base the color Ruby or Emerald.

5 Couleurs
Do you choose for the intense colors and rich textures of the Emerald green, combined with grey and pink in the Emerald palette? Or do you prefer to accentuate your eyes with luscious reds that are being complemented with brown, burgundy and ivory with a golden touch in the Ruby palette?

Both of the eyeshadow palettes will fulfill your wishes to be unique and precious, to have a high self-esteem, to have fun and be spontaneous. They will both give you a chance to create a gorgeous party look.

The Diorific Rouge Khol Lipsticks
It is almost something magical these lipsticks, it is one of Dior’s first lipsticks that is super accurate while putting it on because of the faceted stick . The result? An intense powdery matte color that will stay on for hours. The creamy wax formula, a strong doses of pigments for the velvety finish and the softening effect of the vegetal butter is the secret of these Dior lipsticks.

We have chosen the Pure Topaz lipstick color to complement the Emerald green, and to keep it a bit subtle. For Ruby we chose the color Intense Garnet. A pretty dark lip which will make your look quiet intense and bold.

The Diorific Vernis
A pretty color on your nails is always a good idea. And even though it is a small detail it will definitely make your look stronger. These colors are also inspired by the colors and the sparkling shine from gems.

Finish off with..
The golden casing of the Diorific Loose Powder Precious Rocks reflects the graphic cut gems. The loose powder will embellish your look. It has a subtle glow and it will model your face, and light it up with a refined shine.
Of course you want to give your brows also a little extra, you can do this with the Diorshow Bold Brow Mascara. This is the exceptional secret jewel of the collection. It has the shine of pure gold.

Give your cheeks a subtle color with the matte texture of the Diorific Cheeks & Lips. We have chosen for the color Charm, because it matches great with both looks.

And as a finishing touch, let your nails look like they are sprinkled with countless gems. The festive nail art liner from Dior is overloaded with golden, silver and platinum shimmers of different measurement.

You will look super glamorous and stunning on Christmas with these beauty looks.


1. Lipstick Pure Topaz €41,50 2. 5 Eyeshadow palette Emerald €61,50 3. Nail polish Emerald €27,50

4. Lipstick Intense Garnet €41,50 5. Eyeshadow palette Ruby €61,50 6. Nail polish Ruby €27,50

Finish off with
7. Loose powder €47,50 8. Brow mascara Gold €30,50 9. Cheeks/lips Charm €40 10. Nail liner Precious Rocks €27,50


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