5X hair masks that will make your hair healthy and shiny

Although spring seems a little bit shy this year (it’s the end of April, but it feels like we are still in February some days), the sun is getting a little warmer every week and we cannot wait until summer is here. During the winter your skin and hair have to go through a lot: heavy wind, rain and cold are not exactly the best things for your hair. Is your hairdo in need of some serious care? Use a hair mask to make it smooth and healthy again. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve listed a few of our favourite masks below.


  1. Is your hair stressed and damaged? The ingredients in this mask, such as Oligo Complex and cotton oil, will make your hair smooth and nourished again. Collistar, € 23,25
  2. This ‘Sublime Repair Treatment Mask’ is perfect if you want your hair to be incredibly soft and silky. SHOW Beauty, € 47
  3. Treat your blonde hair with this ‘Radiance and Repair Treatment’ that contains natural oils and extracts to leave your hair soft and smooth. Oribe, € 55
  4. You can use this treatment weekly on damaged hair to repair and nourish it. Healthy and soft hair is only one step away! Aveda, € 79
  5. Do you have thick, dry or unruly hair? Treat it with this intense mask with seed butter and avocado oil. Rossano Ferretti, € 60


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