Editor Simone went on a one-night trip to Ghent, to find the most amazing stores, try out the coolest hotspots and find the most comfortable bed and extraordinary hotel in all of Ghent for you and your hubby.  She also found some cool things to-do with your little ones.

Besides all things historical, the centre of Ghent is also the place to be for a shopping spree. Veldstraat is the main street in Ghent with all the big stores. Gorgeous boutiques from & Other Stories, Zara, Mango, to H&M and also Intimmissi for the coolest tights can be found in this street. Especially for you we went searching for the more hidden gems in this city!


Billierose is a gorgeous boutique for not only the mom but also for the little one! Besides gorgeous clothing a lot of things for home can be found in this store. This was one of our favorite stores in all of Ghent, and right across the street there is a perfect hotspot for some delicious and guilt free pie.

Brabantdam 135
9000 Ghent


Sprezzatura is a word taken from the ‘Book of the Courtier’ written by Baldassare Castiglione. A certain studied nonchalance. In the world of fashion this means a chic nonchalance, which seems effortless but in fact is not. If done right one speaks of Sprezzatura.

A great example of Sprezzatura is Giovanni Agnelli. He was great at adding subtle touches to his style, like wearing his watch on top of his shirt. But there are numerous examples of Sprezzatura, such as leaving collar buttons unbuttoned or wearing the back blade of his tie longer than the front blade. In short, giving a twist to your perfect and classic style.

Vlaanderenstraat 11
9000 Ghent

Twiggy House

Multibrand store twiggy has been a strong asset in the Ghent fashion scene since its birth in 1974. Twiggy thrives to help men and women to shop a surprising and long lasting outfit. Since 2016, they offer an even more personal shopping experience. Customers can make an appointment with the stylist of their choice to find the perfect outfit, whenever it suits your planning. The selection of clothes, for both the dad and the mom, meets two essential criteria; the style & quality is timeless and quite exclusive: they chose to offer a wide, changing collection of clothing, but they only stock a couple of pieces per item.

Twiggy Notarisstraat
9000 Ghent

Agnes + Maurice

‘Something for everyone’ can be taken literally: Agnes + Maurice is a store that does not focus on one specific age, style or price range. Agnes + Maurice offers designer pieces such as Marni & Simon Miller as well as original, high quality yet cheaper brands.

You will find an offer that is not based on one specific style but a collection of accessories, gadgets and gift items that you have not encountered anywhere else. For example, they sell handmade jewelry from Africa, nice gift items from Japan or handbags from America. And of course nice Belgian collections!

Predikherenlei 9
9000 Ghent

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